Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

The carpet cleaning process that we use is the latest and the safest for any type of carpet. We have the latest equipment that’s available in the market for everything that’s related to carpet cleaning. Our cleaning process with our equipment will remove all the dirt that’s gone deep into the carpet along with all those hard stains that seem to be so permanent.

When it comes to Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane, we have the latest sets of equipment that are made for perfect and intensive steam cleaning of your carpets. In return, we get the best possible cleaning that gives the carpet a fresh look and feel, making it look new once again. We perform our cleaning service in the fastest possible time. We could clean your carpets and get them dry in 2-8 hours depending on the size and material.

There are many different packages that are specially made for the customers’ needs. The basic package includes cleaning of all the visible carpet. Then after pre-inspection, pre-spot application, and pre-conditioning, extraction process and PH-neutralization process are performed. Once all this is done and to make the look of carpet even better, grooming is done after which the carpet pile is restored to look perfect.

Once all the cleaning and other desired tasks are completed, the customers get a post-inspection so that they are satisfied!