Carpet Cleaning Ipswich

Require carpet cleaning in Ipswich? Well then, certainly the best option for you will be the Carpet Cleaning Queensland. We are the only provider of professional carpet cleaning and pest management services in the area. We have some of the best technicians available for you. Our technicians are equipped with the latest and the best equipment available in the market. All the equipment and chemicals that our technicians provide will be safe and the best that you will see.

All the technicians that we have are certified and accredited by IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Restoration and Certification) and Jena Dyco international, which means you will get best, world-class, high standard services from our professionals.

All the solutions that we use are safe and environment friendly. They won’t have any effect on your kids or pets at all because they have been proven safe by all top health administration authorities.

The best thing about our services is that we are insured and we provide 7-day re-clean guarantee. In these 7 days, if you consider our cleaning not to be up to level to your expectations, then we shall re-clean it for free until you are satisfied.

We also provide other services like pest management, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet repairs, stain removal, and many more.