Carpet Cleaning


carpet cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning service is the best in the business.  You can expect extensive knowledge and exceptional skills from our qualified and trained technicians.

The equipment we use is the latest in the market so you can be assured of high power and great performance.  Our standard process is the most effective method for cleaning carpets, steam cleaning.  We efficiently extract dirt and deep clean down to the fibres, giving you carpets that are pristine, fresh and like new.  All our effort goes into providing high quality work and it shows in our results which consistently go beyond industry requirements.

With all the harsh ingredients other companies use, we understand that your family’s safety is also essential when choosing a cleaning service.  You can rest easy knowing that we use only safe, non-toxic products and solutions.

Our Basic Steam Cleaning Process:

  1. Pre Inspection
  2. Pre Spot application
  3. Pre-condition carpet
  4. Extract/Clear-water rinse
  5. Neutralise PH Balance
  6. Groom and set carpet pile
  7. Post Inspection