Carpet Stain Removal

carpet stain removal

Even the most cautious tenants and homeowners will occasionally encounter accidental spills and difficult to remove stains.  If you have pets and children, odds are high that your carpet will get marked.

Although our standard carpet cleaning process already removes spots and minor stains, some stains have already settled deeper into the carpet’s fibres and will need special stain treatment.  We are proud to say that in most of the cases we’ve handled, we have successfully removed problem stains and spots.

Our cleaning technicians are qualified and professionally trained.  They are also fully equipped with the necessary materials and solutions.  You can be sure we will use our resources and do everything in our power to treat your stain.  We have come across all manners of stains in different fabrics and materials.

From red wine to ink stains and everything in between, we can eradicate these ugly blemishes and nasty odours with our superior quality cleaning.