Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the people, when they hear about carpet cleaning services like us, have doubts about our services. We love to clear out all these doubts for you – so if you have any type of question, just ask us we are more than happy if we could help you in any possible way.

Through this page, we would like to answer some of the most asked questions.

Why do I need professional carpet cleaning service?

Many people think that cleaning carpets is rather easy. They think the process is all about washing the carpet with some detergent and that’s all. Well, the process isn’t that simple and we, on the company, don’t use detergents – we use special chemicals to clean the carpets with steam or dry clean the carpet.

What type of cleaning is best for my carpet?

We offer two types of cleaning for your carpets – dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Dry cleaning is preferred if your carpet is clean and there is no dirt in the roots which means only the surface will be cleaned. Steam cleaning, on other hand, thoroughly cleans the carpet. In steam cleaning, special chemicals are used which go to the roots of carpet and take dirt and soil of them, and then they are extracted using steam.

When to get my carpet cleaned?

Well, that depends on the area that you live in. If it’s free of dust, then you could easily let 2 years pass, but normally, it’s good to get your carpets cleaned once a year. Because with the passage of time, bacteria develops in the roots of carpet and it must be removed as soon as possible.

How long does it take to clean and dry my carpet?

The carpet cleaning process depends on the amount of cleaning that’s required. Normally, it takes 2 hours to clean a carpet and after that, about 2-5 hours for it to dry – which means maximum 8 hours before your carpet is fully ready for you to walk on.

What type of dust and stains will be removed?

All the dust that is present in the carpet will be removed. The dust will be sucked out from the roots of the carpet and taken away. Apart from that, many permanent stains from food, grease, and mud will also be removed. These stains can only be removed by expert and professional cleaners; any other type of cleaning might harm your carpet.

What guarantee do we offer?

We offer to re-clean within 7 days of the initial cleaning if there is any type of stain or dirt left on the carpet.